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Suzahiki / Hikizuri

Suzahiki / Hikizuri

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Important Information:

Please note: All items are vintage or antique, and as such there may be small defects such as marks or starch sports that may have been overlooked. 

Taisho Era Geiko Suzahiki. This stunning piece is a strong deep blue coloured fine chiramon silk. It is yuzen dyed, with a retainer, there is a palanquin in the background. He has a tattoo on his arm, and above his head is a large mon. By his side is a water bucket and ladle. On the right hand side is a sea bream with bamboo. The rest of the kimono has a pattern of scattered rice measure mon. There are silk embroidered highlights to the design. 
The padded hem and lower body and cuffs are lined with a snowstorm patterned silk, while the upper body and sleeves are lined with maroon silk. Basting stitches are still in place.

There are a couple of minor starch spots, which don’t detract from the beauty and remarkable condition of this piece. The base of the right collar has two small faded patches that look like they are from the dying process.

Condition is excellent.

Span 135cm

Width of body 60cm

Length 170cm

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