Our Vision

Welcome to KimonoKimono - visions of beauty from the Land of the Rising Sun. KimonoKimono opened for business in September of 2014 and deals in authentic Japanese vintage and antique kimono, obi and dressing accessories, along with a range of hand painted hanging scrolls and objects d'art. It also has a selection of vintage Chinese opera costumes, and headdresses. It is a treasure trove for kimono lovers, textile collectors and interior designers alike. Ranging from traditional indigo and white summer cotton Yukata to sumptuous heavily padded and embroidered silk Uchikaki.

Hand plied and woven Noragi, peasant work wear to Matsuri festival jackets. The extensive stock comprises of pieces that span the last two hundred years, from the late Edo period to the end of the Showa period. For wearing, or spectacular and stylish display, these exquisite textiles and hand picked objects will amaze and delight you. There is a regularly changing exhibition in the gallery space at the front of the premises along with a further two rooms displaying the range of stock. Feel free to come and browse.

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