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Kakejiku Hanging Scroll

Kakejiku Hanging Scroll

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Please note: All items are vintage or antique, and as such there may be small defects such as marks or starch sports that may have been overlooked. 

Three monkeys sat on an overhanging branch. One monkey hangs  precariously  reaching for the reflection of the full moon in the water, while the other two look on with obvious concern.
Trying to catch the reflection of the moon alludes to classical literature, and it is said to bring good luck if you catch the reflection in your tea bowl during the mid autumn festival. 
Painted on silk this is a beautiful image, with subtle colouring and textures.It is from the Taisho era, and is in excellent condition, no apparent stains or wrinkles.Roller ends are of bone.

Length 196cm

Width 54.5cm

Width including roller ends 60cm

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